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Magic birthday photo book gifts

Magic birthday photo book gifts

In September 2020, Momento turned sweet sixteen and we’re embracing the birthday feels by showing off some fabulous photo book gifts created by our customers.
When it comes to meaningful and memorable presents, there’s nothing better than a birthday photo book. The time you invest in creating such a unique and personalised gift is a sign of just how much you care.


Magic birthday photo book gifts
1st birthday book for Georgia Grace

by Sarah Greenfield

OK, so Georgia may not appreciate this book fully right now, but that will change with age. A memento featuring the highlights of bubba’s first year is perfect for parents or grandparents to create as a permanent keepsake.



Magic birthday photo book gifts
8th birthday book for Lucy

by Virginia Winter

Such a sweet and simple book, featuring photos of all the major milestones from Lucy’s previous 365 days. Rather than buy an off-the-shelf present that could be given to anyone, be thoughtful and celebrate their life in a photo book made especially for them.

Magic birthday photo book gifts
30th birthday book for Bodie

by Morgan Culton

This book would have taken a fair amount of time to create, as Bodie’s wife had to collect photos and text from all his close family and friends. But the enjoyment will be endless, as he’ll be able to reread their messages for decades to come.


Magic birthday photo book gifts
60th birthday book for Michael

by Karen Grabau

Karen created not only an amazing birthday photo book for her brother-in-law, but a whole birthday book ‘experience’ for him. The book was handed over with much fanfare at a luncheon where the guests flicked through every page. There was laughter and tears in equal parts. Join their party here.

Magic birthday photo book gifts
80th birthday book for Elizabeth

by Jeff Marshall

Elizabeth’s son Jeff is a photo book superhero! He has created nine books for his family (so far) including one for his mum’s big birthday. He said she "absolutely loved it and looked through it straight away, then again and again." Click here to see how she responds to the book – that’s the golden moment.

Create a Momento birthday book


If you’re inspired to create your own birthday photo book gift get started and find some more inspiration at momento.com.au or momento.co.nz. A gift box or clamshell box is the perfect addition, as it will keep the book safe and sound.


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