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Priceless Family Keepsakes

Photo books are priceless family keepsakes. Whether it's the beginning, middle, or the end of a life they're the perfect format for preserving memories for future generations.


It’s about us is a newly formed Australian charity committed to helping those who have been affected by cancer enabling sufferers to leave a unique record of memories in a personalised and trusted format.


Momento is incredibly proud to be a major sponsor and supporter of it's about us.  Our partnership is a perfect fit as our free software and photo books can be used to help cancer patients express their feelings and document their journey. Throughout that process we hope each creator gains a sense of personal empowerment and that their family and friends benefit from the insight and love expressed on the pages.



Marisa Calo who created this book said that it was "... a very therapeutic process and I love the fact that my daughter will have this forever.  It's almost like a love letter to my husband, my daughter and my family. The prompts help me face questions that would be hard to consider."  It's books like this really make me realise how lucky I am and how good life is. Thank you Marisa for being so brave and sharing your story. Watch our tutorial on how to make an it's about us Quickbook


Not too long ago I was contacted by Peter Stone, a Momento customer who shared with me the story of his special photo book. Several years ago Peter lost his best friend Phil to melanoma cancer. The pair were like brothers. They had travelled the world together and later on their two sons grew up together. After Phil passed away Peter gathered all the photographs he had of Phil and his family and put them in a photo book as a wonderful gift for Phil's wife so that she could be buoyed by the memories recorded in the book.


When Phil's son Anton turned 21, Peter wanted to give him a really special gift. Rather than giving him something for his car or some music, Peter presented Anton with Phil's photo book at his 21st birthday party. While it could never replace the presence of Phil, the guests felt that it was like his father was there and Anton thought it was the best present he could receive. See the flip book here.



Photo books are the perfect medium to preserve every stage of life. Most of the photos I see these days are on my social media feeds. I really hope that all those gorgeous baby photos and holiday snaps that I see on Facebook  make it off my friends mobile phones and into print. Here's a great example of the kinds of beautiful keepsakes you can create when you do something more with your photos.

This priceless family recipe book wasn't just about creating a family record, it was a whole family experience.  I'd love to have been a fly on the wall at the party when everyone got their copy. Why not host a family BBQ, take some snaps, mix in your special recipes and produce your own meaningful gift that brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and grandparents can enjoy.  Don't forget that we offer volume discounts when you order two or more copies, making them perfect for family Christmas gifts! See the flip book here.


Make sure you treasure every stage of life and preserve your  priceless memories within the pages of a photo book. Download our free software and if you're looking for a place to start, check out our online tutorials, blog posts and inspiration pages.


Image Credits: Cindy Power Photography