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Rainbow family storybooks

It’s hard to find children’s bedtime stories that feature kids with two mums or two dads but with our software and print service you can create a rainbow family storybook, or any kind of personalised book, with your own photos, images and words.


If you’re looking for a way to explain how your family came to be, you could produce your own version of the 1975 classic Where did I come from? or you could help them learn their letters by designing an ABC Book with graphics that are more recognisable to your kids than aardvarks and a Zeppelin. Better still, transform your child's own stories into beautifully printed publications – just like the ones they find in the library, but it features their artwork.


Making a gift is always more meaningful than buying one but imagine if the gift is a book in which the recipient is the hero of the story!  This is the perfect option for a unique birthday present that may become a lifelong keepsake. In this case you might also consider a matching box to keep it safe for decades to come.



Momento’s software makes it easy to design a book with templates, automated and manual tools. You can print a Small book for the littlies, or a Regular or Grand size when there’s more eyeballs involved. We suggest Lay-flat paper for books in portrait orientation, and Lustre paper to withstand wear and tear



Our biggest tip is to not make this project bigger than Ben Hur. Keep the concept and design simple with one to four images per page, text only where needed, and for posterity’s sake make sure you include a title, the author’s name and creation date.

Jarrad and Michael, from The Real Dads of Melbourne, have got the perfect recipe in their book - How quickly you have grown? - created for their much-adored son Reid. They included personal photos with some professional shots by Angie Connell Photography, a dedication on the dust jacket, and a publication credit on the back cover. But it’s the poem they wrote especially for Reid that makes it extra special.

We hope this becomes Reid’s favourite bedtime story, and can only imagine that he’ll love it more each year as childhood memories begin to fade. But what a fabulous way to take a walk down memory lane. Flick through the whole book here.

For creative inspiration flick through these Momento photo book examples:

A final request … if you capture that priceless moment when your child first opens or reads their book please send it to marketing@momento.com.au so we can feature it on our Instagram and Facebook feed.


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