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Momento's guarantee


We stand by the superior quality of our products and commit to providing worldclass printing and binding for every order. We believe our books are the best available. They're handmade and the pages are sewn into the binding so we can guarantee that the pages will never fall out.


Our craftsmanship has been recognised with over 100 print industry awards, but we are only human, and some errors can occur. If you are not truly happy with the quality of your order please phone our service team within 30 days of receipt so we can make things right.


We'll arrange a free reprint as soon as possible for any products with issues that occurred while shipping, or during the physical manufacturing process. These include defects in materials and workmanship. It does not include damage caused by normal wear, misuse or accidental damage.


Every book we print also has its own colour test chart printed and filed for 30 days. If you are not satisfied with the colour, we'll review your order's print swatch to establish the possible causes of the issue. If the error occurred during our printing process, we'll replace the product at no charge.


If the print issue didn't occur at our end, we'll do our best to help you understand what occured and advise on how to solve it. To help us resolve any issues, we may also request the return of your physical book for closer assessment - at our expense. 


Be aware that we print files as supplied by you. We don't edit or adjust your photos or text in any way. If you find a mistake with your images, design, spelling or finishing options we’ll help you fix it and share the cost of a replacement copy. 



Caring for your books

The inks we use are archival and have the highest rating, at 200+ years. The papers are all acid free and chlorine free and are chosen for the best longevity and minimal environmental impact.


But our choices are only half the picture for a long lasting book; how you store the book is the other half. These tips will ensure your books last a lifetime:

  • Keep book out of direct sunlight for extended periods
  • Store in a dry place as pages may ripple in humid conditions
  • Avoid bending hard covers beyond their natural limit
  • Be aware that sharp objects may remove ink from the page
  • Store large books flat
  • Turn pages with care to avoid scuffing or kinking