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How to make a photo book
You create. We print.

Momento's free software makes it easy for anyone to layout a stylish photo book in no time at all. Whether you want to preserve your best photography, celebrate a special occasion or relive a holiday, the software will ensure your photo memories live on in a timeless design. You don't need to be a pro-designer or computer whiz, as the software can do all the work for you. Read on to see how it's done.

Momento installer
1. Download the software

Begin by downloading the free Momento desktop photo book software from our website then run the installer (.pkg for MacOS, .exe for Windows). Follow the handy prompts to load it onto your computer, and you're ready to roll.

How to Install software


Design Views in Momento software
2. Make a photo book

To make any product the software guides you through five screens that offer a different view on your project:
Start: Select the product you'll make, its size and shape
Sort: A list view to sequence or size photos, add or delete pages
Layout: The canvas where you add or edit photos, pages, graphics and text
Preview: A full screen view for reviewing the design as double pages
Export: To create a Proof PDF to check before ordering, and a single 'Master File' (.mbf) to upload.

Momento software Start View
Start view

To start your photo book choose the layout option that works best for you. If you're stuck for time or you're after a simple design, choose Auto-Fill or a Themed Quickbook to have the software generate page designs in minutes. For more creative control, select Blank Pages so you can enjoy crafting your masterpiece from scratch. You'll also choose the book size and shape to suit your project.

How to Start A Book



Momento software interface and navigation
The software interface

The left panels hold all the content you can drag-and-drop into your project, including photos, backgrounds, frames, embellishments and layout templates. The right panel holds all the tools for editing their appearance and position. Move through the pages using the arrow icons at the top or the thumbnails at the bottom. Access more graphics in the Updater panel top right, and send us your file for ordering via the Uploader tab by its side.

How to navigate software

Momento software Layout view
Layout view

This is where all the fun happens and your masterpiece comes to life. Drag-and-drop photos and other content onto the pages then use the automated and manual tools to position them or to change their appearance. You can apply one of hundreds of layout templates  to create a design quickly, or customise every element using clever tools that adjust size, alignment, layering, colour and opacity.

How to use Layout View

Momento software add text
Add text

Text gives your photos context and extra meaning. To insert headings, paragraphs and captions click the Add Text button and type your words into the text box.  You can set the font, size, colour and alignment to suit your design, and control the width of the text box to add or remove text wrapping. To add a caption, select a photo then double click in the blue box underneath.

How to add text


Momento software add embellishments
Add embellishments

To decorate your pages with extra graphics, download and install hundreds of embellishments via the Updater Panel. These packages are filled with readymade artwork including backgrounds, frames, borders,  stickers and word art. They also include Quickbooks that are full book designs including embellishments and placeholders that you simply drop your photos into. Embellishments are perfect for themed photo books like baby's first year, travel, birthdays and Christmas.

How to Embellish


Momento software cover design
Design you book & box cover

Complete your design by creating a cover design that will grab attention and reflects the story told inside. Click the far left thumbnail to access Cover View. In addition to adding photos you can set the spine text and background colour, and decorate the flaps of a dust jacket. The front and back cover design will also appear on a printed cover clamshell box, should you choose to order one.

Design a cover & box

Momento software export
3. Export

Once you’ve completed designing your project move to Export View to finish your project. If the software has detected any issues with your file they'll be listed in the Warning Panel. When there are no warnings, click the Export button and the software can create the MASTER.mbf file that you will upload, and another file for you to review.  Exporting may take a few minutes depending on the book's size.

How to Export a book


Momento software PROOF.pdf
Check file

This is the most important step in creating a photo book. After exporting the software will prompt you to open the PROOF.pdf file in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Look through the page and cover designs carefully to check that everything appears correctly.  If you find an error go back to Layout View to edit your design, then re-export, and check your new PROOF.pdf until it's perfect.

How to proof a book

Upload file to Momento website
4. Upload file

Once you've checked your PROOF.pdf you’re ready to upload your MASTER.MBF to your Momento account, via the software or the website. You'll need to be registered with Momento and logged in to upload. Your project will then appear in the Projects list ready to order and share with friends.

How to Upload a book


Momento order form
Order photo book

Find your book in the Project list and click the Order button to select the quantity, size, paper, cover and optional finishing options including text embossing, a dust-jacket or presentation box.

Any combination of our nine shapes and sizes and four premium papers will make a fashionable statement on any coffee table. Choose a printed cover to show off your best shot. Opt for elegant linens or leathers so your book feels as good as it looks, and Lay-flat Lustre paper to allow your pages to sit seamlessly flat.

See photo book range

Momento photo book print
5. Enjoy your printed book

After you've placed your order we'll produce your book with award-winning 6 colour printing and stitch binding, so you can enjoy and share your photo memories for decades to come.

See Inspiration gallery


More design tips

To learn how to layout a timeless photo book design read our handy guide.

How to design a book


We're super keen to help you at every step of the way as you create a photo book that makes the most of your greatest moments so don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly service team by email, phone or our call back service.


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