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How to start a photo book

When you start a photobook there are a few simple questions to answer about your preferred format and how you'd like to design your book.




Momento photo book software Start View
Start view

In Start View you choose which product you want to create by clicking on the related button - Photo Books.


Momento photo book software layout options
Layout options

The first decision to make about your book is how you want to design the pages. You can let the software work its magic by using our automated tools or you can take full creative control.

For a super quick and stylish design choose the Auto-fill option. For a decorative layout choose Themed Quickbooks, or to enjoy laying out every element, select Blank Pages.


Momento photo book software select book size
Size options

Any of the layout options requires you to select a size: Small (A5), Regular (A4) and Grand (A3). Regular is our most popular size. Grand is common for milestone books like weddings, and Small works well for books you want to carry around or for kids so they can hold it easily.

It's best to choose the size you want to print because we can’t scale up your book to a larger size. Although we can print it at a smaller size, any text will shrink too and will not look its best. You can adjust the size later using the File Menu > Page > Size option. Be aware that Lay-flat Lustre paper is not available in Grand Landscape or in any of the Small shapes.

Momento photo book software select shape
Shape options

Then you need to select the shape for your book: Landscape, Portrait or Square.  Consider the orientation of the majority of photos you want to feature in your project and choose a shape to suit. Landscape is most popular and square works well with photos of all dimensions. Be aware that you can’t change the shape later so choose wisely.

Momento photo book software auto-fill options
Start with Auto-fill

Auto-fill is brilliant way to start a book if you don't have much time or you'd like some guidance with the design. The software will generate a beautiful book design for you, which you can adjust at anytime in Layout View.

Auto-fill layout options

In the Layout Options screen select Auto-fill then use the Add Folder button to select one or more folders of photos to automatically insert into your project.  Next step is to choose the shape, the size and the layout style: Templates, ACE or Grid.

The software will then generate a full book design using your photos, then moves you through to Layout View.

Momento photo book software template designs

Template designs

When you select Templates for your Auto-fill layout option, the software cleverly chooses the best-match templates for the number and shape of the photos on each page. See how Auto-fill with Templates works.

The templates are sophisticated layouts that have been crafted by a graphic designer to produce a truly professional looking book. Unlike Themed Quickbooks, Template designs don't include backgrounds, frames or embellishments.

Momento photo book software ACE designs
ACE designs

When you select ACE for your auto-fill layout option, the software uses an algorithm to automatically generate simple and visually pleasing page designs.

Momento photo book software grid designs
Grid designs

When you select ACE for your auto-fill layout option, the software creates a consistent layout based on columns and rows of photos that best fit the page.

Momento photo book software themed quickbooks
Start with a Themed Quickbook

Quickbook designs feature decorative graphics themed around different topics and occasions. They are more elaborate, including frames, backgrounds, borders and more. 

Start a book project then select your preferred Quickbook design in the Layout Options screen. The software only makes a few Quickbook designs available in its initial download. Many more can be added to the software via the Updater Panel.

Next, select the shape and size, then use the Add Folder button to select one or more folders of photos to automatically insert into your project. The software will generate a full decorative book design, before dropping you in to Layout View.

Momento software Layout View
Layout View

Layout View refers to the large canvas in the centre of the software where most of the magic happens as you manually layout a book or edit an auto-fill design.

How to use Layout View


Photo Credits: Katherine Williams