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Portfolio photo books & annual showcase

Photo books are the perfect opportunity to unleash your creative spirit. Celebrate your artistry by printing a portfolio book of your best photography every year. Keep reading for photo story book ideas and inspiration, then do your photos justice by printing them in the best quality books in New Zealand.

Story books

Story books 

Your projects don’t have to just include photos, they can present illustrations, paintings or poetry as well. Take your art to the next level by publishing your own personalised story book, like Rachel & The Paper Cranes. The kids and grandkids will get endless enjoyment from your creation.



Artist books

Art and artist books

Why not record your artistic journey in a premium look book. Or convert some of your digital artwork or blog posts into a permanent physical record, like artist Jessica Stuckey did with her #100 Days of Collecting Colour.

Custom stationery
Custom photo stationery

A portfolio doesn’t just have to exist in book form. Consider featuring your images in a personalised photo journal book using our Custom Diary template or your top 12 in a photo calendar that is affordable and easy to mail to your fans or potential clients.


More inspiration
What’s your photo legacy?

Peter Eastway is the editor of Better Photography magazine and he has printed many books with us. In this blog post he shares his tips on preserving your photos in a photo book.
Save photos from the digital black hole


 Momento Pro Club Program

Members of approved camera clubs, photographic societies and photography courses are invited to join our Momento Pro Club Program.



Your guide to all things photo books

Photo book design tips
Creative photo book

So you want to produce a creative photo book with a cracking design! After printing thousands of books, chatting to book designers, and researching photo book design theory, here are our top tips on photo book design. In a nutshell: have a plan; less is more; and never forget the purpose and audience for your book. And remember, design isn't just about what appears on the pages, it includes the whole package: the layout; paper stock; cover materials; and finishes.




Purpose and plan

What story are you trying to tell? Start by defining your book's purpose then let it guide all your decisions.

A portfolio is all about presenting your best photographs for maximum impact. It will include your most technically excellent images, maybe one image to a page, and text about the subjects, locations or camera settings. A larger size photo book presented in a clamshell box will make it look more distinguished, and keep it safe for handing on to the next generation.

A book of holiday photos is a different beast. It's more playful, because you're telling a story about places you visited, people you saw and the culture you experienced, as well as what you did with family and friends. If you add text it may be more poetic, and unlike a portfolio, variety in layout is important as you can't just repeat the same design again and again, you want to keep the reader turning the pages.


Portfolio book


Sort and select

To make the process easier, separate the task of choosing photos from that of laying them out. As we said, 'less is more,' so only select your best shots that support the story. Don't include duplicates, photos that are poorly composed, or out of focus. If you have a dud that has special meaning, include it in a grid or use it as background image and lower the opacity.   

For a travel album, choose a variety of photos that tell the full story - people, objects, landscapes and textures. If it's a family portrait book with photos from a professional shoot that are quite similar, create variety by selecting photographs shot from different angles and perspectives.

It's also handy to sort photos into different folders. One for 'hero' shots that are worthy of their own page, and another for secondary images that can appear smaller in size, and act as visual punctuation, connecting the pages and keeping a good flow.
There's no perfect number of photos to include in a photo book but once again we think, 'less is more.' Fewer but better photos makes your photography look excellent and your book look more professional.

To learn more about how to create a portfolio book that people won't forget click below ...


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"My books came back exactly matching the output of my Eizo Monitor. First rate product from a first rate organisation."
- Roger Skinner 
"I put a lot of effort into self publishing my photo book and Momento did my work the ultimate justice with their printing, and service."
- Rob Annesley


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Photo Credits: Ricardo Da Cunha, Drew Hopper, Rachael Tranter, Jessica Stuckey, The Beautiful Collective