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Personalised Mother's Day Gifts

Show your wife or mother how much she means with a photo book all about her. Don’t forget your aunties and grandmothers either! See some inspiring examples from New Zealand below.

Mothers day cards

Mother’s Day cards

Show your mum just how much she means to you by designing a custom card starring her and made especially by you. It's the perfect accompaniment to her Mother's Day present. Top it off with a personalised message that expresses how you feel about her in your own words, and her joy will be supreme.


Mothers day photo gifts

Mothers’ Day gift

The women in our lives should be immortalised so future generations know how fabulous they are too. Celebrate your mother, grandmother, aunty or sister’s life story in a book filled with her photo memories. Add a box and dust-jacket to keep it safe.



Mothers day Box

More style and safety

Present her book in a matching Clamshell box to make the ultimate keepsake. It will also provide a safe place for the book to live between regular viewings, and when passing it down the line.



Ultimate gift for mum

Ultimate gift for mum

What better pressie could you give than a book filled with photos of mum working her magic, created by the one's she loves the most? And it's this easy:

1. Schedule in 2-4 hours to design
2. Set a target of 40-60 photos
3. Add messages from her inner circle
4. Use Quickbook or template designs
5. Order by the deadline


More inspiration
Recipe book gift

Turning your mum’s best dishes into a premium coffee table book is easy using our readymade Recipe Quickbook designs.

See our recipe books

Gift vouchers

Help her be the memory keeper she was born to be by giving a photo book gift voucher. She’ll love the excuse to revisit past memories.

Buy a gift voucher

Gifts that keep giving

Make her smile every day by printing her favourite photos in a calendar or on the front of a spiral notebook.

See our photo stationery

Your guide to all things photo books


Mother's Day book design made easy

What better pressie could you give than a book full of photos of mum working her magic, created by the one's she loves the most? And it's this easy:


1. Schedule in 2-4 hours to design

Set a timeline and add it to your calendar or diary so you commit and make the design as easy and enjoyable as possible. Set days and times for reviewing your photo library, editing any photos, producing the first draft and most importantly the order deadline.


2. Set a target of 40-60 photos

Keep it manageable by setting limits on your book's number of photos and pages. We suggest a few hero pages with 1 or 2 photos per spread, some pages with 3 to 4 photos per page and a total of around 30 - 50 pages. Of course you can add more if you have the time and more great photos to include.


The next step is selecting the most meaningful shots, the one's where she's working her mumma magic, like ... a pregnant belly shot, cradling her newborn, getting silly with the kids, cooking or caring for everyone, hanging out on a family holiday or squished in a group hug. You get the picture! Be sure they're in focus and she's looking happy too.


The most important selection is the photo for the cover. A photograph of mum surrounded by all her kids is a great choice for a printed cover. But if she loves decorating your home, a linen cover in a colour that blends with your living room, embossed with WE LOVE YOU, might be more her style.


3. Make it personal with words from her inner circle

Ask the kids to contribute a fave photo with mum or a few words about why they love her. The older kids might prefer to type their message, while a handwritten note  with pencil sketch of mum from the young'uns will tug at her heart strings. Give them a deadline or organise a colouring-in session so you don't have to chase them up. And don't forget to add it to your schedule.


Template designs

4. Use our Quickbook or template designs

Our Geo quickbook has stylish backgrounds that are perfect for a Mother's Day book and for the fastest, easiest design that always looks great, choose from the hundreds of templates in the Layouts Panel. Our hot tip: Make sure you check the Spreads check box for the most contemporary designs.

5. Order by the deadline

Don't miss our Mother's Day order deadlines. If you don't think you'll make it don't despair. Maybe she'd enjoy the process of making a photo book herself so buy a Gift Voucher instead. And if she's been keen to get all the family photos sorted out but never seems to get the time, get in touch with one of the expert photo organisers and book designers in our new Photo Book Services Directory.


Presenting her book in a matching Clamshell box topped with a personalised Mother's Day card would create the ultimate gift package, and we can promise that when she sees it for the first time, and realises that it's made with love by the one's she loves the most, the joy she'll feel will be immeasurable.


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Customer love
"My Mother’s Day photo book was the best present ever!I will treasure it forever."
- Elizabeth Marshall
"I love making my Momento photo book - I cherish the images that are given life on the pages - it is perfect!"
- Anne Pappalardo
All Momento photo books are handcrafted with TLC Get Started

Photo Credits: Emma Randall, Lauren Thompson, Rowena Meadows Photographer, Katherine Williams, Anya Maria Ponti