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The Perfect Photobook

9 Steps To Create An Outstanding Book

What is it that creates an amazing photobook? Images? Typography? Layout? Creativity?

All these things play a part, but the most important thing is planning!

A well designed photobook will present the photographs beautifully without your viewers being confused or distracted by the design itself.

A perfect design for one set of photographs might not be ideal for another, so there isn’t a single design that is right for every occasion. And thank heavens for that!

Design is as individual as photography, but hopefully the following suggestions will have your photobook looking as stunning as your photographs.

Having worked in most areas of professional photography, Peter Eastway’s passion is for landscapes. He first exhibited with the Cavé Group in 1979, but it is over the past ten years that he has been exhibited more regularly with his award-winning imagery.

In this article Peter shares his knowledge of photographic and photobook composition gathered over 30 years as a multi-award winning photographer and Grand Master of Photography, as well as his experience as a writer, magazine publisher, ex-accountant, surfer and all round good guy.

Here’s how to do it... 1. Design Philosophy



Peter Eastway -
photographer extraordinaire.