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Help Centre

Start View

This section shows you how easy it is to start creating a Momento project and how quickly you can finish it. When you open the software the Start View appears and you can choose to:

  • Open a Project
  • Upload a Project
  • Start a new Project

Start a new Project

When starting a new project you must choose which product you want to create by clicking on the related button – Photobooks, Recipe books or Stationery for: Calendars, DiariesNotebooksCards – then answer some simple questions about your formatting preferences.  Once you've made your selection, the software will generate an automated layout or you can create your own design from scratch.  Note: You can click the Back button at any time to move to the previous screen.

Start new Project options

Start a Photobook

When you create a photobook there are five formatting options to choose from:

  • Shape: Landscape, Square or Portrait
  • Size: Grand, Regular or Small
  • Layout: Choose to design manually or with a Template, ACE, Grid, or Quickbook design
  • Auto-fill: Select the folder(s) with your photos for auto-insertion or add photos later
  • Advanced: Set the number of photos per page, total pages, sort style and more

Layout options

Whether you’re starting a project or editing it, you can always choose to manually or automatically layout your page designs - or you can use a combination of both. The options available to choose from in Start View, will create a great looking design for you in seconds.  Read more about them on their related Help page.

  • Auto-Fill options: (once you select this, the next page will load with your layout options)
    • Templates: for creating stylish and slick professionally designed layouts (more)
    • ACE: for a simple, symmetrical, aesthetically-pleasing layout (more)
    • Grid: for a design based on columns and rows that best-fit the page (more)
  • Blank Pages: start with blank pages and create your own layout
  • Quickbooks: for themed page layouts with frames, backgrounds (more)

Blank Pages options

Choose the Blank Pages layout option if you’re feeling creative and you want to start your design from scratch, manually adding content to blank pages. This option will jump you straight through to Layout View. You can individually add and position the content on your pages with the Blank Pages Option, or the Momento software can do it for you via four auto-layout options – Templates, ACE, Grid or Themed Quickbook. These auto-layouts can be applied to a single page or your whole book when you are in Start View, Layout View or Cover View.

Auto-layout options

Auto-fill option

When you choose an Auto-Fill layout option, the software will take you through to the next screen to select the folder(s) storing your photos that will be automatically inserted into your photobook design. If you do not wish to have your photos automatically inserted do not make a selection simply click the Create Layouts button straight away.

You can then select from the following layout options (Templates, ACE, Grid)

Auto-fill screen

Photos from the folders at the top of the list will be inserted into the early pages of your book while those at the bottom of the list will appear at the end of the book. To alter the sequence of photos, simply re-order the folders using the Move Up and Move Down buttons. Note: If you plan to take only a few photos from many folders it’s best to click the Create layouts button without adding any folders. You can then manually select folders later in the design process.

Ticking the Advanced Options check box in the Auto–fill screen will allow you to choose:

  • The number of photos per page as a range e.g. 2 to 6 photos per page
  • The exact number of pages in the book
  • Whether to sort the photos in the Photo Panel by Date or Filename
  • Whether to automatically insert the filename as the caption for each photo
  • Whether to automatically apply the Auto Enhance tool to all photos in your book


  • If you want exactly 2 photos on each page set both numbers to 2.
  • If you don't specify how many photos for each page, the software will decide for you
Auto-fill Advanced options

You have now made all the decisions for the software to automatically layout out a design based on your selections.  Remember though, that at any time, the automated design can be edited and personalised to suit your taste.


Theme Quickbooks are like Templates that are designed with a consistent decorative theme linking each item and page together visually.  Similar to Auto-Fill options - once selected, you will be prompted to add a Folder and the software will do the rest.

You can see more detailed information on Quickbooks page.


Start a Calendar

When starting a Calendar you need to choose the month your calendar will start, whether it will cover a 12 or 18 month period, and your preferred Calendar Style. Momento has designed six professional calendar layouts presenting the month name, feature photo frame and monthly grid with a range of different fonts, borders and design effects to suit different tastes. The options are: Salamanca, Scarlet, Retro, Sun Kissed, Classic, Elegant, Sandy, Impact and Maroon.

Calendar settings and styles

Start a Greeting Card

When starting a Greeting Card, you will need to select the shap of your card.  The software will then load Layout View and you will be able to design on all four sides of the card.  Please note, there is a small barcode on the back of every card as well as our logo, however you can still design on the back of the card.

Start a Diary

When starting a Diary you need to choose the start month and whether you’d like a blank page included for your photos after every 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 pages. Note: You will select hardcover or spiral binding when you place your order on the website.

Diary settings and sizes

Start a Notebook

When starting a Notebook, the software will take you straight through to the Layout View
You only need to design the cover of your noteook, you will be able to select the filler pages you want with you notbook when you place your order.  Filler pages available are: Lined, Blank, Diary, Recipe.

Start a Recipe Book

Similar to Photbooks, you can select blank pages to design your very own, or you can choose from templates available.