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Mum The Memory Keeper 

My mother is a glorious creature. She’s an endless source of love and support. She marvels at even my smallest achievements, encourages me, and dusts me off when things get a little rocky. She sees even my tiniest successes as one for her too.


I'm not a Mum but I would love to be one day, and the only way I can even start to comprehend what mine has done to get me this far is to look through the stack of photo albums she has lovingly compiled since my birth.



Like most mums she’s been the keeper and protector of our family memories, and I now realize she’s actually created treasure chests filled with our life story for the past 30 years. So thanks Mum, both myself and these precious memories, wouldn’t be here without you!




During my trip down memory lane also I managed to convince some other Momento staff to embrace their past portraits and asked them to find a photo of themselves and their mum that really deserves to be appreciated again. To redeem ourselves from late 80s fashion failure I asked them to find or take a recent photo of themselves with their mums in the same pose!


Geri from customer service reps comes from Sydney’s Northern Beaches and provided this Mother's Day card.


Lisa our customer service rep has donated this little beauty of a photo greeting card.


Now we’ve paved the way, have some fun making a photo book gift or custom Mother's Day card for your mumma, and share it with us. We’d particularly love to see a photo of the moment your mum opens it and sees your familiar faces.


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