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Momento is an innovative service that allows you to transform your photos into professionally printed, personalised coffee-table books, diaries, calendars and greeting cards. All our products are handcrafted to the same premium quality as those you can buy in a retail store but they’re filled with your own photos.

Whether you're a beginner or a design professional, creating a Momento product is fast, easy and non-technical with Momento’s software. You design it, submit the finished file to us, then we print and manufacture it in our state-of-the-art production facility before delivering it to your door.

Our Momento software is simple but powerful. It can automatically create a layout for you, or if you're feeling creative you can manually design the contents of each page yourself – or a combination of both. The choice is yours!

Process Overview

1. Install the software: Download our free software and install it on your PC or Mac.

2. Select your photos: Start by choosing the photos you'd like to include in your Project. We suggest you file them all in the same folder or directory for easy access, but keep the maximum number of photos at around 300 photos per folder to ensure the software works at optimal performance. If the photos you want to use are still on a digital camera, CD/DVD or external hard drive, or they’re traditional photo prints, visit the Help Centre to learn how to get them on to your PC for optimum software performance.

3. Start a New Project: Next, open the Momento software and follow the steps in the Start View. You’ll need to choose your preferred product, shape, size and layout style, then the software will automatically create a design for you or you can jump straight to Layout View to create or customise the design as you please.

4. Customise your design: You can create or edit your design in Layout View, Sort View and Cover View.

  1. Layout View allows you to see the details of your content, with thumbnails of your photos and pages, and a panel of editing tools.
  2. Sort View presents all the content as a list of icons that can be easily dragged around to reorder the sequence.
  3. Cover View is where you design your cover image and spine text.
  4. Preview allows you to view your design in full screen mode, with left and right pages visible at the same time – but you can’t edit.

5. Export your file: When you have finished your design, click on the Export button in Export View and the software will create a Proof PDF for proofing and your Master File (MBF) to send to Momento for printing.

6. Proof your file: To ensure you’re happy with every aspect of your design before you order you must thoroughly review your Proof PDF. The PDF is more accurate than the software Preview mode and provides a clear representation of what your file will look like when printed. 

7. Send file for printing: When you’re satisfied your file is ready to print, you can send us your MBF file by upload or by mailing it on CD/DVD.

8. Order and pay online: Once your MBF upload is complete, it is stored on a private web page ready for you to sign in and order. When placing your order you confirm the size you want it printed, the number of copies you want printed and any decorative finishing options. The beauty of Momento’s print-on-demand service is that you only need to buy one copy but you can buy as many as you like. Orders are paid for via our secure credit-card payment facility or you can call our customer service team.

9. Shipping: Finally, we lovingly print and manufacture your masterpiece in our production facility, run it through a series of quality checks, then we ship it to you.