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Best baby books

Your little one's life is so precious and fleeting, that we don't want you to miss any of the highlights. We want you to treasure every moment in the best baby books in New Zealand. The baby Quickbooks in Momento’s software make it easy to layout pages in a flash, while the Baby Boy and Baby Girl embellishments will enhance your infant book with sweet graphics and a consistent design.

Baby memory books

Baby memory books

Record the magic of their early months in a newborn photo book that you can revisit after those hazy days have passed. To tell the full story, personalise your baby memento book with scans of their ultrasound, birth certificate and tiny footprints. A Dove, Petal or Vanilla Bean linen cover will be a perfect complement.



Baby's first year book

A photo book is the perfect time capsule. Celebrate all your bubba’s milestones in a priceless photo journal featuring their first smile, first step, first tooth and first word. Take a photo each month in the same location to visually compare and track their growth, then add details of their size, height and weight to the pages using the software’s Text tools.

Baby announcement cards

Baby announcement cards

Spread the word of your new arrival with a personalised photo greeting card starring their portrait on the front, with birth details and your welcome message on the inside. Photo cards are available in packs of one, 5, 20, 50, 100 and 200, and our Art stock option is a lovely finish for baby cards.


More inspiration
Baby photo calendar

Baby photo calendar

Photos of the new addition to your family make a cute backdrop to a personalised calendar. A photo calendar also makes a great gift for family at Christmas time.

See photo calendar range

Your guide to all things photo books

5 tips to photograph your baby like a pro

 Photographs have special powers for children, because when they see themselves in photos it builds their sense of self and belonging. Try our tips on how to take angelic shots of your bubba, ready to turn into a cherished photo book memento.


Baby photos
Tip 1: Take extra photos

Photographing your baby while they're asleep can make things easier, as you won't have to deal with them wriggling around. If they wake, shoot some extras so you have a better chanceof getting the perfect focus and composition. To make this effortless,  switch your DSLR or mirrorless camera to continuous or burst mode, to automatically capture a series of photos in quick sequence. When reviewing the results though, choose only the best and delete blurred or duplicate images.


Baby photo book
Tip 2: Call in the troops

No matter how many times and how nicely you ask, babies don’t take orders, so be comfortable with photographing them in their natural state or get some help from your partner or friends. They can soothe and distract your little one so you can focus on the photography. Throw a white sheet over your assistant, place your angel on top and tad-dah, bubba thinks they’re getting a cuddle, calm in the warmth of a familiar heartbeat and smell.


Tip 3: Set the scene, softly

Lighting and backdrops can make the difference between an average shot and a superb photo so start by turning the overhead light or your camera flash off to avoid making your baby squint or look like a ghost. Moderate the lighting further by grabbing a desk lamp with a yellow globe, to cast a soft light. To create a classic background, bring in neutral soft furnishings, blankets in muted tones, and pillows without distracting patterns and textures. Enhance the emotion further by choosing our lightly textured, creamy art paper when ordering your photo book.


black and white baby photo
Tip 4: Heighten emotion with black & white

We know pregnancy and the early days of motherhood can be emotional at times, heightening the whole experience. We suggest you apply the same theory to you baby photo book design. Convert colour images to black-and-white and you’ll see they take on a more poignant, professional look. Take some tummy shots before the birth too as they create great silhouettes, and while sketchy grayscale ultrasounds aren’t the best quality, they do help tell the full story when included in a book.


Tip 5:  Celebrate the small things

To show just how unique your little one is, zoom in and focus on their delicate features – their teeny fingernails, their dimpled chin, their chubby toes. Immortalise them in your photo book by laying them out in a grid design or as a series of photos across the page. To tell the full story, you can include their dimensions at birth and during the first year, or take their handprints, then scan them to show how … from little things, big things grow!


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Customer Love
"The book looks beautiful! I love the vibrancy of the images. The templates made it super easy, and it's so comforting to have a hard copy of the photos in case my computer crashes". 
- Sarah Greenfield
"The book mum made was so cool and gives me happy feelings."
- Eleonora Niko


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Photo Credits: Courtney Paull, Anya Maria Ponti, Sarah Greenfield, Kristen Cook, Anna Todd