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How to embellish your design

Embellishments is the name we've given to the hundreds of free, designer graphics available in the software. The readymade backgrounds, photo frames, borders and word art are perfect for decorating pages and adding character to your projects. These embellishment packages also include beautifully designed page templates, and complete book and card designs with placeholders awaiting your photos.







Install embellishment packs

To keep the software easy to download, we only include a few of the many embellishment packs with the software download. To add more just install them individually. Here's how:


1. Open the Momento software and go to the Updater Panel
2. Click Content tab to access the embellishment packs
3. Click Download button for your preferred pack
4. The Install pack text will update to Installed with a tick icon

Install embellishment packs


Add embellishments to a project

After you install an embellishment pack, all the artwork is loaded into the Embellishments Panel on the left side of the software.

Click the bow icon to to view the huge collection, either by Package name which reflects the genre or theme of the content, such as Geo, Travel or Baby Boy, or by the type of graphic it is, such as Frames, Alpha & Words, Fasteners, Decorations and Backgrounds.

Add the embellishments to a project in the same way you add photos. Drag-and-drop the element onto any page or cover. You can then treat it the same way you would a photo to edit its size, position and appearance.

Add embellishments to a project


Use Themed Quickbooks

Themed Quickbooks are the perfect solution for those with limited time, or if you want to enhance a book with extra imagery. A Quickbook is a full book layout created by our professional designer. It can include backgrounds, photo frames, word art, other decorative designs and placeholders for photos. Choose your preferred option in Start View and your folder of photos, then the software will automatically populate the pages with your selected photos. You can adjust the design at any time with the editing tools. Don't miss the Quickbooks for a holiday book, a new baby, a wedding day or a party in the Updater panel.

Quickbooks in Start View


Use Quickcards

Themed Quickcards are similar to Quickbooks, but you access them in the Layouts panel in Layout View. Scroll through the library, then double click or drag your preferred design onto the work area, and the front, back and inside panels of a card will be visible. Some include backgrounds, frames and other decorative elements, along with the placeholders that you can drop your photos into. Quick cards only take a few minutes to create, but the results look like a shop-bought card.

Use Quickcards


Use embellishments tastefully

When adding text or extra graphics to your photo book, they should reflect the purpose and colour scheme of your book, and enhance its meaning or design. Our recommendation is that less is more so don’t overuse the embellishments. When it comes to frames, it looks best when only one frame is used on a page, or throughout the book.


Embellishments and photo frames



Photo Credits: Heartstory