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Momento gift vouchers
for photo books and stationery

Give the happy-snappers, intrepid travellers and budding photographers in your life the opportunity to design their own photobook with a Momento voucher. They make the best gift because not only will you help them present and preserve their photo memories but they get to indulge their creative spirit.

photo book gift voucher

Buy a gift voucher

Vouchers are emailed as a PDF and the recipient has three years to create and order their masterpiece. If you’re wondering how much to spend, books start from $50, but our most popular product is a Regular size book with 70 pages on Satin 170 paper with a printed cover, which costs $162 ex shipping.

  Gift voucher terms and conditions




How to redeem a voucher

If you’re ready to create and print your own book it’s this simple:

  1. Download the free Momento software
  2. Design your project
  3. Register with Momento and upload your masterpiece
  4. Enter voucher code at checkout when ordering online

Enjoy the creation process and call us with any questions


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Travel book

You’ve probably got hundreds or thousands of digital photos hiding on your computer, so why not relive some holiday memories by printing them out so you can enjoy them.

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Family yearbook

When kids see themselves and their family members in photos they feel a sense of belonging and it reinforces their identity. Preserve their childhood in a photo book.

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This is your life

Everyone has a story to tell and a gift voucher is the perfect ticket for someone to create their memoirs, . This kind of gift can’t be matched by any present bought off the shelf.

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Gift voucher terms and conditions
  • The gift voucher value will be subtracted from the total order value including GST
  • Gift vouchers can be used multiple times until the total value is redeemed
  • If the value of the voucher is less than the recipient's total order value, the balance can be paid via credit card
  • Valid for 3 years from purchase date
  • Volume and promotional discounts still apply when redeeming gift vouchers
  • Vouchers can be used when also redeeming prepaid products
  • Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash or other credit
  • Vouchers can't be used to purchase other gift vouchers or prepaid products
  • Vouchers can only be redeemed with Momento New Zealand via www.momento.co.nz
  • Cannot be redeemed at Momento AU, Momento Shop, Momento Pro or by international users
  • Standard Momento Terms & Conditions apply

Photo Credits: The Beautiful Collective, Angie Chia, Aishe Besim, Jenny Rutherford