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Wedding photo books, stationery & gifts



Best wedding photo books

Wedding photo books and stationery are pure expressions of love that will touch the heart of any recipient or maker. If you trust us with the photos of your special day we promise you the best quality hardcover wedding photo book printing and custom stationery in New Zealand.

Wedding photo book

Wedding photo books, boxes & parent album

If you want your wedding photos to live happily ever after, you have to print them out, otherwise your children and grandchildren may never be able to see them. Do them justice in a Grand size photo book with Lay-flat paper and a matching clamshell box, and print smaller size books as a thank you gift for parents and bridesmaids. They'll be a source of lifetime enjoyment.


Wedding greeting cards

Engagement & wedding greeting cards

Momento’s software and service gives you the power to design your own wedding stationery, from engagement party invites and Save The Date notices, to wedding invitations and RSVP cards, wedding guest cards, through to the wedding thankyou cards. Style them with elegant typography and your own photos then choose a textured art paper for a soft touch or satin stock for a contemporary finish. Envelopes are included with every card.


Anniversary photo book

Anniversary photo books

Your love story continues year after year, so why not show your partner just how much they mean by creating a photo book as a wedding anniversary gift that they can cherish forever.  Combine your wedding photos, with moments marking the milestones in your marriage, and portraits with the kids and grandkids, to create the ultimate expression of your connection. Take advantage of our volume discounts for two or more books to buy copies for your clan too.

Experience the long term joy of printed photos with Nonna Connie.

More inspiration
Guest book
Guest books & messages

Show your wedding guests the bond you share by printing photographs from your life together in a high quality engagement book. Insert lined pages from the StandardBackgrounds2 embellishment pack for everyone to sign.

See embellishments gallery

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Modern wedding embellishments


Modern wedding photo books and cards

If you enjoy a D.I.Y. project or consider yourself a creative spirit, Momento’s software and service make it super easy for you to design your own engagement and wedding stationery, as well as photo wedding books and parent albums. 

Wedding stationery

You can create truly personalised invitations and wedding books using your own photos, text and graphics, or download the Modern Wedding embellishment pack from the Updater Panel in Momento’s software to use as the backbone for your designs.


Wedding book software layout

Modern Wedding is one of many embellishment packs in Momento’s free software. Each pack includes background graphics, photo frames and border designs that you can drag and drop from the Embellishments Panel onto the book pages and card panels in Layout View. You might also like our newer Geo embellishment pack that includes contemporary backgrounds and graphics.


Wedding book photo layout

Just as wedding reception decor and bridal party outfits can be styled by colour or theme, our Modern Wedding embellishment pack includes coordinated graphics in a lemon, grey and white colour palette to maintain visual consistency across your entire wedding stationery range. You can easily change the colour scheme by using the Hue/Saturation slider in the Tools Panel.

See how to use our Modern Wedding embellishments


Wedding guest book

It’s best to keep the lined page on the right as it will be easier for people to write on. We also suggest you choose the Satin or Art paper, and use a ball point pen rather than an ink-based pen so the writing doesn’t smudge.

Wedding guest book

Recently we’ve seen a growing trend for guest books that are placed on a dedicated table at the wedding reception, so family and friends can leave a message or words of wisdom. They’re easy to create with the decorated lined pages in the Modern Wedding pack, you just need to choose 10 of your favourite couple photos to drop onto the page left.


Wedding photo book

Given the rate at which technology advances, it’s unlikely that current photo storage devices will be accessible for more than a few year’s time. Ironically though, we can still see photos from over 100 years ago. So our message is, print your photos before you lose them in the ether.

To keep the design style consistent with your invites and cards, use the same colours, graphical elements, and font in your book design. 

Wedding photo printed box

For the ultimate wedding book, we suggest a grand Deluxe leather cover with a frosted fly page, pearl end pages, Lay-flat Lustre paper (if you choose a square or portrait oriented book) or Lustre for a landscape format book. Embossing your names or initials on the cover will make it unique, and a matching presentation box will preserve it for the future.


Wedding photo book sizes

If you’ve designed the wedding book in Grand size, you can print it in any size. So why not print a Regular or Small size version as the most meaningful thank you for your parents and bridal party. They’ll love you forever. Print it on Satin paper with a Linen or printed cover for a more affordable budget.


These are just some examples and ideas of what you can create with Momento, but if you do say "I do" to designing your wedding stationery with Momento, you can be assured we’ll handcraft it with as much love as you put into designing it.


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Customer love
"It's been 4 years since we were married, and I knew our wedding album would always be a joy to look at, but I'm always amazed at how heartwarming it is to read through our signing book." - Jamie and Matt
"It was a truly satisfying experience to see our wedding story come to life on the pages. Thank you Momento for putting such care into its production and creating a keepsake we can look back on for many years to come with love and smiles." - Jeff & Lee Marshall 


All Momento photo books are handcrafted with TLC Get Started

Photo Credits: Amy Neale, Blaise Bell Photography, Kelly Slater, Ben Adams, The Beautiful Collective, Alpine Images, Matt Teague, Ben Adams