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Family history books

Everyone has a story to tell, and every child or grandchild deserves to learn about the people who came before them. Cherish your family history in a printed keepsake memento produced by the best photo book company in New Zealand. Be inspired below.

Family history books

Legacy books

Celebrate your personal journey in an illustrated memoir or life story book filled with priceless photos, text and memorabilia. Record memories and milestones of the past while creating the ultimate heirloom. Keep your precious memory book safe with a dust-jacket and clamshell box that are bound to last.



Family tree books

Ancestry books & family tree books

Do your genealogy research justice by curating all the photos and stories into a family history publication, that you and your relatives now and in the future will be proud of. Perfect for a family reunion or milestone anniversary, and enjoy volume discounts when ordering multiple copies.

Sympathy cards

Sympathy cards

Honour parents, grandparents or loved ones' memories by making a personalised sympathy card featuring their photo on the front and your meaningful words inside. A short memorial book presenting photos from their childhood, married life and retirement would be a perfect complement.


More inspiration
Family recipe book
Family recipe book

Recipes hold such strong memories for many families, so preserve nanna’s signature dish or everyone’s favourite bake in an unforgettable recipe book. It’s also a great Christmas gift for siblings and cousins.

View our recipe books

Your guide to all things photo books

Creating a family history book


Family history photo book

Plan in advance

Before you even open Momento’s software, decide how you’d like to organise and present all your information. How will you sequence the topics in your book? Chronologically? By family line? Location? Event? Sibling? As this will guide your whole book preparation and design.


Filing your content

Smart filing

Make life easy by storing all files in a single folder sorted into chronological or themed subfolders that match the sequence of your book. Beware! If you move a photo from its original location after starting a project, the software loses its link to the image and you'll need you to navigate and reconnect it to the correct folder so the photo can appear again.


Scanning old photos

Scanning old photos

Printed photographs, old negatives and slides can be included once you digitise them. Dots per inch (DPI) dictate how large an image can be printed and our scanning recommendations are:
  • Wipe the scanner’s glass with a lint free cloth to remove dust first
  • Use 300 dpi to print it at original size
  • 600 dpi to print at twice original size
  • 900 dpi for 3 times the original size
  • Save as a JPG or TIFF, min. quality 80


Photo optimisation

Photo optimisation

Unless you love editing and post-producing your images, don’t lose hours returning old photos to their former glory. Their wear and tear is a sign of their age and authenticity. It's a part of the story. If you are keen to improve them though try Photoshop’s Dust & Scratches and Despeckle filters.


Family tree software

Family tree software

Momento's software doesn't have the ability to generate a family tree diagram but there are genealogy programs that can. See our newsletters and events page for new information on family history software or online services that can export a family tree graphic in JPEG, TIFF or PNG format, ready to use in your Momento project.


Spellcheck text

If you're includeing a lot of text in your book, we recommend you use Microsoft Word or your preferred program to type it out. Do a spellcheck before copying the text, and paste it into Notepad (on a PC) or TextEdit (on a Mac) to remove any text formatting issues before before pasting it into Momento’s software.


Add text

Momento’s software allows you to add headings, captions and paragraphs to give your images context.  To add text click the Text Tool at the top right of the software, then click on the canvas and a text box appears. Enter your text into the box, or copy and paste from a Word doc or similar. Use the Text Styles options to set the font, size and colour, and we recommend no less than 12 point text, so the elders in your family can enjoy their read.


History embellishments

Add embellishments

The software includes hundreds of graphics you can decorate your pages with, including Old Times and Elegance embellishment packs that are particularly suitable for family histories. Access all the graphics via the Updater Panel on the right of the software and see our blog post on family trees and nostalgic imagery for inspiration.


Inspiring examples

The best inspiration we can offer is to view some fabulous examples from our customers.


Before we sign off, we want to remind you that you're creating history every day, so creating an annual family photo book will ensure your family history is always up to date.


Visit our Service Directory for photo organising & book design help.


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"My experiences with Momento have all been very positive. The assistance I received was so helpful. The presentation and quality of the end product was truly superb."
- Don McLeod
"I reviewed many family history photo book services before starting my project and I’m glad I trusted Momento with my father’s history. I was thrilled with the quality of the printing, so printed several copies for my family too." -  John Sligo


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