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The best personalised calendars in New Zealand

You only need twelve photographs and a few minutes to whip up a custom calendar with Momento's software, but we guarantee it will keep you smiling the whole year round. Whether it’s for staying organised or a practical gift for family and friends, they're the easiest and most affordable photo product on the menu.


Note: From 1 November 2023 calendar covers are no longer laminated to make them kinder to the environment, and your wallet. The thick cover remains the same, just without the laminate. Our hope is that you tear off the wire then recycle the cover and pages, or you could cut the bottom half of the calendar off then enjoy your photos for longer.





Two calendar options await your decision. A Wall calendar that's perfect for decorating your home, or a Desk calendar to keep you company in the office. Choose the format that suits your lifestyle, or that of the lucky recipient, and fill it with images you can all daydream to.

Wall and desk photo calendar


The software offers nine classic and contemporary designs for each calendar type, each carefully equipped with placeholders for you to simply drop your photos in. These stylish templates are the key to super speedy calendar creation.









Sun Kissed









Sun Kissed

Photo calendar styles


Our calendar collection includes three sizes that cater for different needs.

Wall calendar A3 A4 wall calendar
  Jumbo  Regular  
  383mm x 270mm  287mm x 203mm  


Desk calendar Landscape
  135mm x 135mm    
Photo calendar sizes


Each calendar in our range is spiral bound using high-quality black metallic wire and a substantial 350gsm cover. Wall calendars also include a handy hanging hook.

Spiral bound photo calendar


Premium Satin paper ensures a stunning presentation every month. Thick 250gsm stock is used in Jumbo Wall calendars, while Regular Wall calendars and the Desk variety come with Satin 170gsm. Photos are printed on both sides of a Wall Calendar sheet, while Desk calendars feature photos on one side only.

Photo calendar paper

Production time

Production time does not include shipping.

Standard 7 days
Priority Not available
Calendar production time

Making photo calendars is easy


Drop your favourite photos into the placeholder for each month or even each day, then use the Text tool to note birthdays, holidays and events. Finish by customising the cover with one or more photos, and text to identify the year you're celebrating.


How to make a photo calendar



Common questions
When you have your project open in Layout View, click on the Photos tab in the left Panel, then click the Folders …
Exporting happens at the end of the design process, when you have finished designing in Layout View. Click the Export …
Our Calendars come in three handy sizes: A3 (Jumbo Wall), A4 (Regular Wall) and Desk. Wall Calendars are printed on the …
All pricing information can be found on our Pricing page.  
Calendars have a standard production time of 7 calendar days. Shipping time is additional to production time. There is …
It’s easy to do but it is only available for wall calendars. To import dates from a previous wall calendar you&…


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Eye candy for every day

See some calendar inspiration from our customers below.






Camera Club calendar

The Canberra Photogaphic Society have been making a calendar every year for the last five years. It’s a collaborative effort coordinated by Secretary Helen McFadden and is a great way to show off their best images from throughout the year.  The photo featured in January is by Mr Steven Shaw. 


Antartica calendar

Antarctica calendar

by Linda Herd

We love the idea of printing travel photos in a calendar because it allows you to relive holiday memories and if you keep it at the office it can carry you away to a ‘happy place’ in moments of stress.  When you start a new calendar in Momento’s software, you’re given the option of 12 or 18 months, and 9 template designs – this one is called Sunkissed.


Food calendar

Delicious desk calendar

by Sarah Tuck

You can do more than just sharing your food photos on social channels! They work well in calendars too, as seen with this delicious desk calendar from Sarah at From The Kitchen. We like to think of our Desk Calendars as five star but affordable because they’re printed on premium satin paper and are available for a great price.


Travel calendar

Voyager calendar

by Chris Bray Voyager Club members

Here’s another collaborative effort by the guests on safari with Australian photographer and tour operator Chris Bray. The photos weren’t shot by Chris they’re by some of the ‘Voyager Club‘ tour participants who submitted their best shot and Chris selected the top 12. They obviously learned a lot and are giving Chris a run for his money!


Published November 26, 2015


Photo Credits: Katherine Williams, Darran Leal, Shelley Reis, Claire Oliver, Katherine Williams, Heartstory, Ruth Gilmour, Anya Maria Ponti