20% OFF printed hardcover photo books (Terms apply)
The Perfect Gift

A Momento Voucher will give family and friends the
ultimate peace of mind from knowing that their photo
memories are safe in print, and the perfect excuse to
feed their soul with a creative project.

SALE ENDS: 28 December 2017*

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If the recipient needs more than 5 months to create their masterpiece, buy a standard Voucher with a 12 month expiry instead.
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*Terms & Conditions
  • The Gift Voucher value will be subtracted from the total order value including GST
  • The Gift Voucher will be supplied as a digital PDF file
  • Can be used multiple times until the total value is redeemed
  • If the value of the Voucher is less than the recipient's total order value, the balance can be paid via credit card
  • Sale ends 28 December 2017
  • Vouchers purchased as a part of this sale offer expire 31 May 2018
  • Expiry date cannot be extended under any circumstance
  • Standard volume discounts apply when redeeming Gift Vouchers
  • Voucher cannot be used to purchase custom volume orders of 25+ copies.
  • Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash or other credit
  • Can't be used to purchase other Gift Vouchers
  • Cannot be redeemed at Momento AU, Momento Shop, Momento Pro or by international users
  • Standard Momento Terms & Conditions apply
What products are eligible for this offer?
Gift Vouchers
What code do I need to use to claim the offer?

You do not require a code
Can I buy multiple Gift Vouchers?
Can I use volume discounts with this offer?
Yes standard volume discounts apply but discounts on custom volume orders of 25+ copies do not apply.
Can I use this offer with my discounted Voucher?
No only with Vouchers purchased at full price
How long does the offer run?
Until midnight (EDST) 28 December 2017
When will my voucher expire?

Vouchers purchased as a part of this sale offer expire 31 May 2018
Can I extend the expiry date of my voucher?
Voucher expiry date cannot be extended under any circumstance.
Are there any other Terms and Conditions I should be aware of?
Yes. In addition to the Special Offer Terms and Conditions shown on this page, our Standard Momento Terms & Conditions apply.