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Themed Quickbooks

Themed Quickbooks are like Templates that are designed with a consistent decorative theme linking each item and page together visually. Quickbook layouts can be applied to an entire book or a set of pages.  There are simple, classic designs with keyline frames and white or black backgrounds, plus a series of more colourful and decorative themes including frames, backgrounds, letters, borders, embellishments.  Quickbooks are perfect for quickly and easily creating visually consistent, creative and sometimes very colourful designs that will make you look like a professional book designer did all the work for you.

The Quickbooks are themed so that each individual element of the design – frames, backgrounds, letters, borders, decorations and more – complements each other so that when they are combined they create a cohesive and stylish design. Go to the Updater Panel in the software to view everything we have available, you’ll find some fantastic artwork and lots of inspiration for your designs. You can easily download more Quickbook designs from within the Momento software’s Updater Panel on the right side of the screen. Find out more in the Updater Panel section.

To apply a Quickbook design to an entire book, you will need to do this at the Start View when you are beginning your project. 

To apply a Quickbook design to a page, go to the Layouts > Templates Panel.  Themed Quickbooks work just like Templates. You can use the design exactly as it is or you can edit it and adjust it as you please.

For a better understanding of the Themed Quickbooks, have a play with starting a new project and select some of the options to see what kind of page designs result.  You'll notice that many of the Quickbook designs include embellishments, backgrounds and frames that you can select at any time from the related Content > panels.

Using Themed Quickbooks

When you originally created your photobook, you were presented with the option to use a Themed Quickbook.  If you did so, then every new photo that you add to your photobook in Sort View will automatically be positioned on the page according to the photobook's theme.

If you do not want Momento to do this automatically, then you should untick the tick-box at the top of the Sort View screen.

If your photobook was originally created with no particular theme, and you leave the tick-box ticked, then when you switch from Sort View to Layout View, the Layout Wizard will appear to assist you in laying out the new photo(s) on the page(s):